Conditional Licensees

  • February 12, 2017 8:48 AM
    Message # 4605240

    If you have been given a conditional license with a shorter license term and/or additional conditions above and beyond the formal policy conditions of an archaeological license, you should read the minutes between APA and MTCS for January of 2017 posted on the APA website.

    The minutes make it clear that MTCS is deciding what they are going to do with each license on a case-by-case basis.  IN theory that makes sense, however there are no directing policies in place that specify the rules of how this is supposed to work.  Without any rules it becomes entirely arbitrary and subjective and subject to the whim of the day or the relationships amongst the personalities involved (i.e licensee and MTCS management).

    If you have a conditional license, you have been targeted for removal.  The reason MTCS is doing this is because they already know from preliminary feedback during the ongoing CRB that without any effort to provide licensees with information and an opportunity to correct problems with their work, MTCS cannot take away someone's license.  Principles of procedural firness do not allow for such actions.  So now, they are issuing conditional licenses so that they can get rid of people whenever they decide they have spent enough time pretending to be fair.

    You must act now before your license is suspended or revoked.  The CRB is extremely costly and MTCS knows that most licensees will never be able to mount an appeal based on the costs involved.

    What all of you should be doing now is filing for Judicial Review.  

    At about 5% or less of the cost of the CRB, this is your best shot.  Needless to say, if many do it, it is also the best chance we have of shutting down these tyrannical procedures that are nothing more that so-called "policies" designed to deny you the means to exercise you rights and to have your case heard.

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