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Ontario Archaeology is a peer-reviewed journal of The Ontario Archaeological Society. Articles accepted into the journal detail the various aspects of archaeology in Ontario, ranging from the discovery of new sites, heritage preservation concerns, interpretation of archaeological data, analyses in zooarchaeology, paleontology, and osteology, and much more. The journal is edited by Chris Ellis and is distributed once annually to registered members for $12 ($9 for students).

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Ontario Archaeology, Number 96, 2016


Louis Lesage, Neha Gupta, and Georges Sioui

Understanding Ethnicity and Cultural Affiliation: Huron-Wendat and Anthropological Perspectives
Mariane Gaudreau and Louis Lesage

St. Lawrence Iroquoians among the Wendat: Linguistic Evidence
John Steckley

Territorial Precedence in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Huron-Wendat
Jean-François Richard

Geopolitics and Dimensions of Social Complexity in Ancestral Wendake c. A.D. 1450–1600s
Jennifer Birch

Iroquoians in the St. Lawrence River Valley before European Contact
Christian Gates-St Pierre

The Iroquoian Occupations of Northern New York: A Summary of Current Research
Timothy Abel

Stone-Tipped versus Bone- and Antler-tipped Arrows and the Movement of the St. Lawrence Iroquoians from Their Homeland
William Engelbrecht and Bruce Jamieson

St. Lawrence Iroquoians and Pan-Iroquoian Social Network Analysis
Susan Dermarkar, Jennifer Birch, Termeh Shafie, John P. Hart, and Ronald F.Williamson

East-West Interaction among Fifteenth-Century St. Lawrence Iroquoian and North Shore of Lake Ontario Ancestral Wendat Communities
Ronald F. Williamson

Becoming Wendat: Negotiating a New Identity around Balsam Lake in the Late Sixteenth Century
Peter Ramsden

The Huron-Wendat and the St. Lawrence Iroquoians: New Findings of a Close Relationship
Gary Warrick and Louis Lesage

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